After buying, renovating, and flipping half-a-dozen of my own properties and discovering how difficult the mortgage process was, especially for freelancers and people like myself in the entertainment industry, I decided to get my proper licenses and become a mortgage broker and RE broker.

What started out as a simple side benefit to just me, my family and friends, has now grown into a business with all kinds of different clients, big and small, experienced or not, funny or dry.

Most traditional banks don't understand the profiles of borrowers unless they've worked for the same company for a decade and have zero debt. They have boxes that need checked off.  They're a volume business. So they turn down a lot of people.  I was one of those people.  

Whether your situation is stellar or patchy, I convert all of the numbers and data and turn it into a narrative that lenders can understand.  

I've learned how to make the process clean, simple, honest and fair.  I deal with wholesalers so I can often find the best rates and terms for your unique situation.

I also love to educate others about finance, investing, and debt-consolidation (see my book "Produce Yourself").  I'm happy to take the time to walk you through complicated legal mumbo-jumbo and break it down into simple terms.  

Most of my clients know me as a film or TV producer.  I absolutely love producing stories.  But all along, I have also had another love, the love of real estate, and especially real estate finance.

I love the cameras and lights of Hollywood.  But sometimes, it's nice to also do something real.  That's why I do this.  It brings me back to reality (unlike the "reality" that I produce).  

I would love to hear about your situation and what you're looking for.  Pre-approval?  Mortgage?  Refi?

Shoot me an email.  It costs you nothing.  If I can't help you and get you the best deal possible, I'll send you to someone who can.

   That's my dog above.  I figured since she was wearing glasses it would make this site professional.

Terence Michael

Mortgage Brokerage

CA BRE Lic # 01715653

NMLS # 1585250

310-980-8626 (tel)


NMLS # 4869

I do all things in Real Estate Financing:

Mortgages • Refinancing • Debt Consolidation  

Cash Out • Pre-Approvals • Hard Money Loans

Construction Loans • Bridge Loans

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Terence Michael

CA BRE Lic # 01715653

NMLS # 1585250

310-980-8626 (tel)


NMLS # 4869

"Terence was amazing ... even before we thought we were ready he offered to view everything so that we could see what we needed to do to get our forever home .... He guided us every step of the way ... kept in constant contact and was extremely thorough!!!!!! We’ve already started giving our friends his info!!!!"

 -Stephanie Bravo and Rex Keeney

"I've worked with several brokers in the past and working with Terence was the easiest and most painless experience to date.  His knowledge and patience went a long way in helping us through the stressful reality of our real estate purchase.  I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a broker. Thanks for all the help, pal!"

 - Guy Noland

"My wife and I are so grateful we found Terence Michael to close our mortgage! Working as a Freelance TV Producer and having multiple W2s and 1099s each year made it impossible to get our loan approved by traditional banks. Terence simplified the entire process! He explained all of our options so we could make the best decision for our family! This year we even refinanced our original mortgage in the midst of having our first child. We highly recommend Terence Michael for your mortgage needs especially if you're in the TV/Film industry or any industry with an unconventional pay structure. He makes everything so easy for you!"

 -Geoff and Cynthia Nuanes

"I’m not prone to hyperbole, and still I can’t think of anything to write other then this — I don’t think I can overstate how lucky my wife and I were to have gotten connected to Terence. I’m a television producer with a revenue stream that is unpredictable and difficult to explain, and thus non-loan friendly to most every bank. Terence, understanding the ins and outs of the television industry, helped guide my wife and I through the process of securing a mortgage to such an extent that I dare say it seemed easy. For my wife and I, it kind of was. For him, I’m sure it wasn’t. Terence is so insightful about the housing/mortgage industry and went so, so far out of his way to explain every step of the process to my wife and I that I feel like not only did we buy a house, but we took a course on home buying. I honestly don’t have enough good things to say about Terence. Go with him and you won’t regret it"

- Ryan and Genie Braun

"Even if you don’t think you can refi, or qualify to buy a property, talk to Terence!  He showed my wife and I that we had many more options than we initially thought.  10/10 would refi with Terence again.  And I'm a numbers guy as an EIC and Line Producer in television, and I still couldn't figure out how I was going to qualify."

- Avi and Susan Eshed

"Terence makes financing a breeze.  He and his team are professional, but most importantly approachable.  Any questions that we had during the process were immediately answered and I highly recommend using him for all of your mortgage needs. Honestly, we wouldn’t send anyone anywhere else.  He made the process so easy.  Thanks!"

- Aaron and Amanda Yampolski

"Terence was very professional, fast, reliable and he goes above and beyond to ensure his clients are happy and taken care of. He far exceeded my expectations, was such a joy to work with, and I would absolutely recommend him and work with him again!"

- Inanna Bantu

As a first time home buyer, I felt pretty overwhelmed by the whole process. And then along came Terence and he made it all seem so easy. He knows the mortgage business inside & out and he made sure I was well informed and knew what to expect every step of the way. He really understands the buyers perspective having flipped a number of houses himself and he consistently anticipated my concerns and carefully led me through the minefields. I’m sure I pestered him with a dozen silly questions, but he patiently answered every one of them. Most importantly, Terence is such a great guy and a true pleasure to work with. He made me feel comfortable from our very first meeting and actually made the loan approval process enjoyable.

- Dave Schulz